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"Nothing means more to me or gives me greater joy than to celebrate Mass each day
and to serve Godís people in the Church. That has been true ever since the day of
my ordination as a priest. Nothing has ever changed this, not even becoming Pope."
ó Saint John Paul II

Father Andrew Bulso
Residence at Christ the King, and completing graduate studies in Rome

SEARCH helped Deacon Bulso find his vocation

When Deacon Andy Bulso was a student at Pope John Paul II High School, he, like so many teens in the Diocese of Nashville, made a SEARCH retreat. It was there that his vocation to the priesthood, which had been lingering in his mind for a while, received a big jolt. Read more...

Father Ben Butler

Associate Pastor, St. Joesph Church, Madison

Spiritual awakening leads Deacon Butler to priesthood

"I had a spiritual awakening," he said. "I realized the blessings God had given me. I grew up in a good family, I did well in school, I had good jobs. I realized it was not my own doing." Read more....

Father Nwachukwu Emmanuel Dirichukwu
Returning to Assumption Seminary in San Antonio, Texas

Deacon Dirichukwu eager to join the 'priestly line'

Deacon Nwachukwu Emmanuel Dirichukwu carries his faith in his name. A native of Nigeria, his first name means "child of God" and his last name "belongs to God."

He felt a call to the priesthood even as a child. "I would play priest," he said. "I would use cookies for holy communion. I would make my siblings kneel down to receive communion." . Read more...

Father Austin Gilstrap
Diocesan Chancery, Tribunal

Deacon Gilstrap finds peace in saying yes to God

June 5, 2015

Deacon Austin Gilstrap's life changed when he said yes to God. He was working as a bartender in a restaurant but unsure what direction to take his life. "I was searching and I didn't know what I was searching for," he said. "I still didn't know what I wanted out of life or out of school or anything like that. I was just sort of floating through." Read more... 

Father Eric Johansen
Chaplain, Saint Thomas Hospital Midtown

Deacon Johansen looking forward to being involved in lives of his flock

From atheist, to husband, to priest, Deacon Eric Johansen's spiritual journey has been marked by joy and grief. After he's ordained a priest on June 12, he's looking forward to walking with people on their own spiritual journey.. Read more ...

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